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Don't shock me now

I'm not sure exactly why Queen's "Don't stop me now" has been stuck in my head...something to do with football and wishing not to get knocked out maybe...we were having such a good time! Anyway, as I say in this Sky News interview on the Ian King Show, only a big shock would stop the Bank of England from hiking in August. I also discuss the merits of the new monthly GDP data.

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Portfolio Thinking

The sterling reputation of UK equity funds

Spring has sprung but for many investors and financial advisers there’s still a chill in the air. The performance of UK active managers is once more in the spotlight and yet again threatens to reignite the active versus index debate. This time it is S&P Dow Jones which highlighted that nearly nine out of ten UK equity funds sold in Europe lagged behind their benchmarks in 2016.

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If at first you don't secede...

The Scottish independence referendum in September 2014 was billed as a “once in a generation” event. Two and half years later, and we are now faced with a possible second vote. The politics of the case for independence may have been shaken up by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, but the economics have also been shaken up by the collapse in oil prices.

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Portfolio Thinking

FX investing: is there any value in value? Or interest in interest?

Can investors exploit "value" and "interest" signals to guide their foreign currency allocation? The answer to both looks like a decisive yes. These concepts can be used to help guide currency investments. In the wake of the post-Brexit vote sterling slump, they caution us to be nervous about the strong dollar hype.

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The Grand Old Duke of Threadneedle Street

The Bank of England has been known as the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street since the 1790s. However, in the recent past, it has arguably shown more than a passing resemblance to the Grand Old Duke of York. As discussed recently on CNBC, this analogy is important for thinking about the prospects for sterling in the months ahead.

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