Champions League clique

The rise of Chelsea and Man City shows that it takes a lot of money to break into the Champions League elite, but once you're there, it creates a virtuous circle. The same is true for inflation. There is a self-reinforcing loop of high inflation expectations, wages and prices. But the 2014 oil shock looks to have knocked the US and Japan out. Consumers' inflation expectations remain stubbornly low.

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A postcard from Tokyo

Japan is a fascinating country. Its culture, people and cuisine are just as intriguing as its unconventional policies. Here are my key takeaways from a week of meeting policymakers, academics, investors and analysts.

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When the satnav’s broken, dust off your roadmap

Monetary policymakers are often described as heading into “uncharted territory”. The latest example is the Bank of Japan’s decision to introduce a target for ten-year yields. You won’t find a precedent of this policy in recent history. But the territory is not totally uncharted: we saw something very similar in the USA roughly seventy years ago.

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Look at me, look at me!

The market has brushed aside the latest apparent tinkering from the Bank of Japan, but if the fiscal authorities choose, this latest step could usher in a significant reflation.

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