All roads lead to Rome

With the country saddled with high debt and unstable politics, Italian debt markets have persistently underperformed European averages for the last couple of years. This pessimistic narrative is definitely seductive but we believe it is dangerous to get sucked into an excessively negative outlook. The debt problems are chronic rather than acute, the politics are not obviously more unstable than usual, the ECB is being flexible with asset purchases, and the return potential could be greater than it first appears.

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Pizza, piazzas and political turmoil?

I’ve had Italy in my sights for a long time. Beautiful lakes, stunning food…and oh, some potential political turmoil. So before I go off to enjoy the delights of Lake Garda, I’ll impart my latest thoughts on political developments in Italy.

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Lies, damned lies and youth unemployment statistics

It has been a very popular narrative in the run-up to the referendum to suggest that the euro zone economy is failing a generation of job-seekers. However, it would appear that this 'conventional wisdom' doesn't stand up to a close inspection of the facts.

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