What is Economic Growth?


Economic growth is an increase in the quantity and value of goods and services produced by an economy in one period compared to another. This increase is inflation-adjusted and most commonly measured in real GDP (Gross National Product).


A country’s productivity can be influenced by many factors, both on a national level and internationally within the global market. Some of the main influences include growth in physical stock, an expanding labour force, advances in technology, and an increased consumer demand.


Analysis of economic growth can determine where a country is in the market cycle. When an economy is growing sustainably, it is in the expansion phase. This spurt of production activity means business sales are increasing. This can sometimes be accompanied by a bull market in stocks, and a bear market in bonds.


Economic Growth News from LGIM


As one of the UK’s leading investment managers, LGIM offers knowledge and experience that can bring real benefit to investors looking to understand policy and politics affecting economic growth.


Find the latest research on economic growth rates and the key factors to sustainably driving economic growth.


Our Asset Allocation team includes dedicated and accomplished US, European and Global economists, whose focus is to assess the macroeconomic environment in the developed world. This includes researching government policy, emerging political trends, as well as the outlook for economic growth and inflation. Our economists then work with our team of strategists and portfolio managers to translate their views into what this means at a portfolio level.


Don't shock me now

I'm not sure exactly why Queen's "Don't stop me now" has been stuck in my head...something to do with football and wishing not to get knocked out maybe...we were having such a good time! Anyway, as I say in this Sky News interview on the Ian King Show, only a big shock would stop the Bank of England from hiking in August. I also discuss the merits of the new monthly GDP data.

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Can some good come from a trade war?

Without adjustment on the home front, we believe that President Donald Trump's push to reduce the trade deficit is unlikely to improve the US trade balance, or boost domestic employment and growth. However, his outspoken approach and questioning of the prevailing trade system may be the very jolt that global trade negotiators need to update their thinking and move ahead with a constantly changing global economy and patterns of trade.

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Portfolio Thinking

How market frictions can live in harmony with persistent factor premia

 As we continue our voyage on the factor premium drivers, our next destination is 'market structure'.

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Disco dancing data

Global economic data releases have surprised to the downside in recent months, particularly in Europe. While some of this appears to be noise (data were unexplainably strong in the last quarter of 2017), higher oil prices pose further downside risks.

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Is Carney getting cold feet about hiking?

Earlier this year, the UK economy appeared to be warming up nicely, and a May rate hike was on the cards. But has March’s cold snap changed all this?

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Three charts on ebbing misery

Three charts, one theme. Fear has been ebbing away in's almost gone.

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Fool in the shower

Congress has passed a surprisingly powerful fiscal stimulus which markets appear to be underestimating. Strong growth might be cheered initially, but given that the US economy is already operating at full capacity, it risks overheating.

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