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Factor Based Investing

What is Factor Based Investing?

Factor based investments are made by investors who seek to understand, predict and take advantage of the forces which drive the returns of stocks, bonds and other assets. Often these factors can be categorised as style factors.

Understanding factors becomes important during successful portfolio diversification. As many factors occur independently of each other, some factors and asset classes tend to perform better than others at different stages of the economic and market cycle.

Factor Based Investing News from LGIM

As one of the UK’s leading investment managers, LGIM offers knowledge and experience that can bring real benefit to investors through factor-based investing. We have over 20 investment professionals working on factor-based investing, and has a 10-year track record in delivering factor-based strategies ranging from simple factor indices, to off-the-shelf funds and more customised bespoke solutions.

Our Asset Allocation team includes dedicated and experienced economists, strategists and portfolios, who combine their expertise to deliver clear client outcomes.

Portfolio Thinking

How much sugar is in your sugar?

Soviet-era Polish cinematography is often a source of seemingly absurd catchphrases repeated for generations. “How much sugar is in your sugar” is a classic one from the quirky professor in the 1973 comedy Man-Woman Wanted. When we target particular factors within our equity exposures, I increasingly find myself taking on the role of the professor as I try to answer the question “How much factor is in my factor?”. It might seem like an odd question but we can answer this by relying on simple factor definitions and a holistic approach to combining factors. It’s only once we know what our true exposures are, that we can consider how we avoid any unintended secondary exposures that have the potential to sour the overall outcome.

August 15, 2017 5 mins