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Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Economic Policies & Politics

President Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20 2017. A Republican, Trump won the 2016 presidential race with strong economic plans around tax, trade, and national defense.

Since his inauguration, there has been no rest in media coverage of Trump’s political career, from controversial statements, to nationalist politics, and renegotiation of longstanding trade deals. Ultimately, Trump aims to carve out an economic plan which will “make America great again”; promising to reduce US national debt, revive the coal industry as part of an ‘American First’ energy plan, and to create millions of jobs by reducing international outsourcing to China and Mexico.

While the first year of his Presidency has seen a new rise in America’s economy, with US Stocks reaching record highs and unemployed levels shrinking, there is continued economic inequality.


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