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What is Diversification?

Diversification is part of investment risk management. By spreading funds over a wide variety of investment types within a portfolio, investors are able to dilute risk to any one investment and yield higher returns.

There have been many studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of this risk reduction technique. Maintaining a diverse portfolio neutralises the negative performance of some assets with positive performance in other areas.

Investment diversification is often carried out across asset classes, with calculated percentages of the portfolio to allocate to each. From stocks and bonds, real estate, to short-term investments, investors will diversify further, choosing asset classes which are separate enough to not share risk.


Diversification News from LGIM

As one of the UK’s leading investment managers, LGIM offers knowledge and experience that can bring real benefit to investors looking to control risk in their portfolios, and achieve a smoother path to reaching their desired client outcomes.

Our approach to risk management is embedded in our portfolios’ asset allocation with the aim of being prepared for a wide range of market outcomes. This is achieved partly by holding some defensive assets, but predominantly by spreading risk across a wide range of asset classes.

Our Asset Allocation team includes dedicated and experienced economists, strategists and portfolios, who combine their expertise to deliver clear client outcomes such as growth and income via diversified portfolios. The team’s disciplined, objective driven approach means we manage the risks that matter to clients, while aiming to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns that meet clients’ needs.