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Client Outcomes

What are Client Outcomes?

At LGIM our clients are at the heart of our business. We exist to help them achieve their investment goals. That’s why the majority of our business is built around achieving specific client outcomes; whether that’s helping to grow investment capital, an improvement in defined benefit scheme funding levels, or managing a portfolio to a specific risk target.

MacroMatters is an important part of our mission, enabling our strategists to share the macro investment views which inform investment decisions and fund management. Our economic perspective is global, and this platform contains our most compelling thoughts help our clients achieve their target outcomes.


Client Outcomes News from LGIM

As one of the UK’s leading investment managers, LGIM offers knowledge and experience that can bring real benefit to investors looking to control risk in their portfolios, and achieve a smoother path to reaching their desired client outcomes.

Our Asset Allocation team includes dedicated and experienced economists, strategists and portfolios, who combine their expertise to deliver clear client outcomes such as growth and income via diversified portfolios. The team’s disciplined, objective driven approach means we manage the risks that matter to clients, while aiming to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns that meet clients’ needs.

Portfolio Thinking

Is it time to retire the 4% rule?

Short-cuts have their place. If you can avoid complexity and effort, it makes absolute sense to do so. It gives you time to work on other projects, or in my case re-watch The Treble (1999), reliving the good ol’ days. However, when it comes to retirement income, short cuts may be counter-productive and nowhere is this more apparent than with the 4% rule.

August 07, 2018 2 mins