Chinese Renminbi


Western propaganda?

Chinese GDP statistics are notoriously unreliable at signalling turning points, so I decided to test the temperature on the ground with a macro tour in Beijing. A couple of days of meetings with policymakers, academics and investors left me comforted and alarmed in equal measure.

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Wild horses - A look at Chinese capital outflows

The balance of payments data reading for Q3 shows that capital outflows from China accelerated again. Like wild horses, capital outflows can develop a dynamic of their own. So what are the drivers? Furthermore, is there already evidence of panic and how might policymakers react?

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A postcard from Beijing

Having visited China at least once a year over the last 10 years, two weeks ago I was back in Beijing, swapping my Bloomberg screen for a ‘real world’ view of the world’s second largest economy. Meeting with friends, academics, investors and policymakers, here’s my take on what I saw and heard.

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