Rebuilding America: the case for US infrastructure stocks

Will 2019 be the year the US finally decides to repair its crumbling infrastructure? Probably not. Nevertheless, we have bought a basket of stocks that are exposed to US public infrastructure spending. Confused? Let me explain.

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China's structural slowdown - Why 5% is the new 15%

Chinese growth is the lowest it's been since the depths of the 2008/09 recession, although its share of the world economy has tripled since 2005. How worried should we be?

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Portfolio Thinking

Why Santa put equities on his naughty list

Markets unfortunately failed to close out the year on a festive note. While 2019 will probably be volatile and difficult, we still believe that there should be plenty of opportunities.

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Keeping the fundamental faith

As outlined in the team's 2019 outlook, we believe the US economy is entering the twilight zone of economic cycle. However, recent US equity weakness and bond strength appears excessive given the fundamentals, as I explained on Bloomberg TV.

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