Three things that (could) go bump in the markets

While markets have been eerily calm, it’s easy to forget that we’ve already had a few shocks this year. With potentially more to come, investors could still be easily spooked this Halloween.

In celebration of the otherworldly, we've listed the top three things that we’re wary of going bump in the markets…


  1. Creaky floorboards signalling a crash? Doomsayers point to the elevated levels of UK stocks and predict that a crash may be lurking around the corner. The reliance on monetary stimulus in recent times means that eerie investors remain focused on a change in direction from policymakers for potential catalysts that could spook equity markets.
  2. A hair-raising election approaches. Many are looking across the pond at the pantomime that has become the US election campaign. Could this political flashpoint be the tipping point for markets globally? Will we have Hillaween Clinton or Donald Trumpkin as the 45th President of the USA? The race is much closer than anyone expected a few months ago, with more unpredictable twists and turns to be anticipated before election day. 
  3. The final nail in the Brexit coffin? While the longer-term effects of the Brexit vote on the UK economy are unclear, the immediate ramifications of not getting a good deal or a "hard Brexit" could be ghastly for jobs, soul-destroying for trade and ultimately send shivers through the spine of UK growth; at which point the UK economy could receive a long overdue a visit from the dreaded grim reaper...