Rahil Ram

Multi-Asset Analyst

Born and raised in the land of sun and sea (Mauritius), Rahil has long convinced himself that London’s weather is beyond rationality. He used to think that cars were man’s best invention, until he met Excel. When not busy mulling over investment spreadsheets, he enjoys burning calories and the company of family and friends.

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Fast forward one year ... the market impact of the Brexit vote

Sterling-based investors face the additional uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote alongside the usual vagaries in markets. When in doubt, it can be tempting to extrapolate recent performance, however today that could prove unwise. 

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Portfolio Thinking

Are you a sitting inflation duck?

UK inflation is expected to increase, eating away the hard-earned savings of individuals and pensioners. Thankfully, investors can act to avoid becoming sitting ducks and aim for positive real returns. Making a temporary amend (don't publish this and just roll back)

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