Magdalena Polan

Senior Economist

Magdalena is an interdisciplinary thinker who believes that financial and economic events cannot be understood without seeing their political, social, and historic background. In the limited free time that this attitude leaves her with, she pursues her interests in arts, photography, and non-business travel.

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Does the EU have any teeth?

We look at the ways the EU can affect policies in member states ranging from diplomatic suasion to legal challenges and financial penalties, or changes to the EU budget, in the context of controversial laws passed recently in Poland.

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Rewriting the definition of ‘emerging markets’

The practice of grouping countries is here to stay, but the definition of ‘emerging markets’ should become more nuanced.

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Higher public investment – a universal cure for low growth?

Can higher public spending ease growth woes in all countries and double-charge monetary easing? As it always turns out when you talk about economics: it depends.

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