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Bruce is your not-so-Aussie Australian. While seemingly laid back, this serious(ly deadpan) fund manager likes to have trades lined up before most of the team have come in and is not impartial to a little mental acrobatics when it comes to powerpoint slide creation. His socks can be rather colourful…as can his language…

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Portfolio Thinking

Smash hits and crash dips

2017 marks a number of financial anniversaries; the 1987 stockmarket crash, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and the beginning of the global financial crisis. As we haven’t really experienced an extreme boom or crisis recently, looking back will be a refresher as to what could occur, but also provide a wider perspective on investment returns. Nothing is as evocative of the past as its music, so we accompany our look back with a soundtrack of those hits we think have withstood the test of time, and those hits that we would rather forget.

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Portfolio Thinking

Summer Viewing

If 2016 was the financial market equivalent of gripping TV drama with surprise plot twists, 2017 has been the year of test pattern TV. So far in 2017, worries about North Korea, the French elections, or President Trump-related developments have only had short-lived and localised impacts on markets. So is there anything we need to be watching this summer?

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Flying yellow submarines

We've seen buoyant market conditions of late. In fact, conditions are so buoyant that they have brought to the surface some rarely seen dwellers of the market depths.

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