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Driving Miss S&P

What’s been driving the recent mishap in US equities?

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Market volatility: Ups and downs, smiles and frowns

One-day corrections of 3% are always painful, especially so when investors have become so accustomed to low volatility after almost a decade-long bull market. We see the move as most likely a technical sell-off (famous last words) and believe it is probably too early to buy the dip. 

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Could Brazil be next?

After Argentina and Turkey, could Brazil be the next emerging market (EM) that goes into crisis? These events are not linked – each of these countries currently has idiosyncratic weaknesses. In the case of Brazil, the fiscal deficit is in the spotlight, coupled with the presidential elections in October.

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Portfolio Thinking

Risky or not? The currency hedging debate for equities

Some investors propose hedging all currency exposure while others see no benefit to hedging at all, so is currency exposure a risk?

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