US Dollar


A look under the proverbial bonnet

“Familiarity breeds complacency”. With the best intentions in the world, even an annual review can feel like you’re simply going through the motions year after year. Recognising this means shaking things up when the chance presents itself. In this case, that's when a birthday and the opportunity to record a podcast came around.

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More reserve from the Fed

Yesterday, US central bank chairman Jerome Powell told rates to take a hike. While the move was widely expected, are there longer-term ramifications?

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Portfolio Thinking

US inflation – vlogging a dead horse?

With US inflation picking up much more slowly than expected in recent years, markets seem to be ignoring the cyclical risks. We think that's a mistake and one that could come back to bite investors. Here's a chance to find out why and what we're doing about it...

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NAFTA la vista, baby

US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from NAFTA. Is the US protectionist pivot promised during the election campaign finally arriving?

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