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The US economy has long been established as one of the world’s richest and most diverse world economies. As the owner of some of the largest industry sectors, natural resource supplies, and internal goods market, the US is one of the most powerful global trading and financial influences.


Following the financial crisis in the late 2000s, growth in the US slowed dramatically; recovery from high unemployment, household debt, and income inequality in the years since remains one of the slowest on record. In 2017, however, a jump in global economic growth lifted demand for goods, industry profits and stocks to see the US experience the best growth in years.


Donald Trump has also claimed that it is his government and policies which are behind this national economic uplift, though the contributing factors are much broader. Recovery has proved steady, though issues of wage stagnation and inequality remain.


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As one of the UK’s leading investment managers, LGIM offers knowledge and experience that can bring real benefit to investors looking to understand economics, policy and politics in the United States of America.


Find the latest news stories on pressing topics such the impact of US national debt and comments on announcements of the Federal Reserve.


Our Asset Allocation team includes dedicated and accomplished US, European and Global economists, whose focus is to assess the macroeconomic environment across the developed world. This includes researching US government policy, emerging political trends, as well as the outlook for economic growth and inflation within the United States. Our economists then work with our team of strategists and portfolio managers to translate their views into what this means at a portfolio level.

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