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Emma Cheung

Communications Strategist


Emma spends her time scouting out the next opportunity or tool that she can build to give her more time to focus on what matters: connecting with people. Always one to take the scenic route, she was a compliance officer and product specialist at Goldman Sachs Asset Management before travelling the world ahead of joining LGIM. Emma is a self-confessed foodie with an obsession for cleaning her desk. When not distracted by cake (or that smudge on her screen), you can find her behind a camera lens trying to capture the perfect shot.

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Summer throwback

Just over a month ago we completed our Capital Ring 4 Kevin Chessum (CR4KC) challenge. I thought I would take advantage of the proverbial 'summer lull' to provide an update.

August 02, 2018 2 mins

Doing it for the kids

When you’ve already had one great idea, it can be daunting trying to find another that tops it, like our mannequin challenge last year! But the team has pitched together to bring you our very own investments interpretation of the 12 Days of Christmas to raise money for our charity, Children with Cancer UK (CwCUK).  If you can't wait to donate, visit our Justgiving page.  

December 14, 2017 3 mins